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GIF: Evolution of the iPhone


This is my new favorite design fail.

Venn diagram? #fail


In honor of the man who created the iconic logos for IBM, UPS, and ABC, here’s a trove of Rand designs, interviews, and tributes.

Legendary graphic designer Paul Rand is revered as the creator of logos for corporations like IBM, ABC, UPS, and NeXT, and author of many books including the seminal, recently reissued Thoughts on Design. He passed away in 1996, but would have been 100 this week, and his legacy is still as strong as ever.

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Article: How will Apple explain their change in design philosophy when they unveil the new iPhone?

In 2012, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 changing for the first time ever the size of its display. Many thought this was Apple’s late attempt at catching up to rivals. However, while taller than previous generations, the iPhone 5 kept the same width. Why?

Apple Special Event 2012: Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, explaining on the reason behind the iPhone 5 screen size

At the iPhone 5 unveiling event, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, talked about the iPhone 5 design philosophy:

"Why would we design it that way? What is the design center for a phone? It’s this,—showing the slide above—it’s your hand. A phone should feel great in your hand, and more importantly, it should be easy to use with [our thumb]. […] So when you carry your phone, it should fit beautifully in your hand.”

In fact, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design, Jony Ive also talks on why they chose a taller but not wider display on the iPhone 5 introduction video [0:26-0:56].

"And for the first time ever, we’ve increased the size of the display. By making the screen taller but not wider you can see more of your content but still comfortably use it with one hand."

iPhone/iPad Screen Sizes Comparison

So, now that most tech blogs and analysts seem so sure that Apple will introduce two bigger iPhone models, how will Apple explain their change in direction regarding screen size? What happened with their “rule of thumb"unveiled along with the iPhone 5?

Image Credits: Apple, Forbes, MacRumors

Article: The Apple Rainbow Logo Rides Again

In the corporate world, logos are normally considered a precious asset that cannot be monkeyed with, no matter how good the intention. Then again, this entire commercial violates the rules of logo treatment in the biggest possible way… Other advertisers might want to take heed — the end result is not a diminishing of the brand. It is the total opposite: a commercial that actually glorifies the logo.

This spot was reportedly created by Media Arts Lab, which is said to be competing with in-house Apple teams at this time. Would Apple itself ever have thought of violating the logo rules? Or is this the type of thing that occurs more often to independent creative voices outside the company? Hard to say. What I will say is that this type of commercial is distinctly different than what’s come from Apple’s internal efforts. Stickers is playful and wonderfully human, even though it doesn’t show a single human being.

People went to Dell for the computers, but they go to Apple for everything… That’s the difference between a transactional company and a transformational one.

Brian Chesky


Airbnb is going emo with its rebranding love story.


Will Nike win the World Cup? Vegas seems to think so.

WWDC 2014: Apple’s little gift for Samsung

REPORT: BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2014

Tech brands continue thriving: 5 out of the Top 10 Global brands are technology brands, Google climbing to No. 1 and Amazon entering the Top 10 for the first time.


This week’s cover story: Can Nike beat Adidas in the war for soccer revenue? http://buswk.co/1othZwx


How 15 famous companies got their quirky names.

(via businessinsider)


For your consideration, Mad Men Emmy campaign

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